Noumenal, Inc. is a private international management consultancy, headquartered in the US and the UK, providing strategic and operational consulting services to buyers and suppliers in the information technology, biotechnology, nanotechnology and alternative energy markets.

Our partners:

  1. Bulletadvise sell-side clients on all aspects of the intellectual capital development process: early-state business modeling and planning; fund-raising and intellectual capital development and analysis; organizational design and staffing; operationalization; go-to-market planning and channel development.

  1. Bulletassist buy-side clients sourcing from our markets with a range of intellectual capital leverage services that apply our market and technology expertise to the transformation, acceleration or streamlining of their momentum business models and operations.

  1. Bulletwork with investors in our markets, providing assessment, sale, restart and turn-around services, in which our partners work with investors, boards and senior management to evaluate product/service fitness, market opportunities, financial plans and options for liquidation.

To speak with a Noumenal principal, contact us via e-mail, call our US headquarters at the number below, or Skype noumenal.

The essential problem for modern capitalism is: how to monetize what one knows. Every asset should be organized to facilitate that monetization, and the most important assets are the organization’s intellectual capital: the employees, partners, and customers who, collectively, possess the knowledge in which the company trades.

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